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3 Reasons To Purchase Business Interruption Insurance

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

The agent provides business interruption insurance application documents. It is important to purchase business interruption insurance

Three Good Reasons To Buy Business Interruption Coverage

If you own a business, you are probably aware of the importance of protecting your investment by purchasing property insurance. However, while property insurance can help you get your business running again, it doesn't pay for the income you are losing while your business can not operate. Interruption insurance can help keep your business from suffering financial distress while you wait for needed repairs. These are three of the reasons to purchase this coverage.

1. Replaces Lost Income
Depending on how severe your damage is, it could take weeks or even months to fully restore your business to preloss condition. During this business interruption, you may not be able to operate at all, or may only be able to operate at reduced capacity. This coverage replaces income lost due to a covered cause of loss based on your past financial records.

2. Helps You Pay the Bills
Even if your business is shut down, you probably still have bills. You will need to pay the mortgage or rent on your facility, any utilities that still need to be connected when your business isn't operating, make payments on any business loans, pay your taxes and other business expenses that may not stop just because you are not making money. Interruption insurance helps you cover those bills while you are not operating.

3. Provides Money To Pay Employees
Your employees probably can't afford to go without a paycheck while your business is shut down for fire restoration. This insurance helps you keep employees on the payroll so that you don't need to hire new employees in Ebenezer, TN when you are ready to reopen.
When a fire or other disaster occurs, it is important to protect not only your property but your income. Without the protection afforded by interruption insurance, you may find it difficult to keep your business from closing permanently.

The Specialized Equipment Needed for Mold Remediation

8/23/2022 (Permalink)

specialist in combating mold in an apartment Face masks and many other types of equipment are needed to do the job safely.
While it might be tempting to consider cleaning a mold outbreak in your home by yourself, in most cases this is a job for trained professionals. If the outbreak is minor, you might be able to clean the area and hope for the best. Quite often, though, the mold will return in a short time. For most jobs, highly-trained technicians and specialized methods are needed to defeat mold. The use of PPE such as face masks is often necessary. Breathing in microscopic mold spores is never a good practice. A local mold remediation team in Blue Grass, TN, will seek to remove mold in the safest way possible for its employees and the people in your home.

The use of Protective Equipment

In addition to properly fitting face masks, professionals will use a number of measures to avoid inhaling particles of mold. Best practices often call for workers to wear the following PPE:

  • A face covering such as a N-95 respirator
  • Long gloves that extend to the forearm
  • Goggles that are sealed against leakage

The goal is to prevent mold spores from entering through the mouth or the eyes. The gloves and other equipment also helps make sure any cleaning agents do not touch the skin. Mold technicians know the best equipment to wear as well as how to wear the equipment.

The Restoration of Mold Damage
Mold in your home can create an eyesore and impair indoor air quality. It can also break down the materials it feeds on, including drywall, furniture and carpeting. A mold remediation crew can do several things: locate the mold, remove the cause of mold (usually excess moisture) and repair the damage caused by mold. This might include rebuilding walls, replacing carpeting and repainting areas of the home.
Mold restoration is a complicated process. Face masks and many other types of equipment are needed to do the job safely.

How To Secure Your Building After a Fire

8/18/2022 (Permalink)

security camera and urban video Having a surveillance camera can be helpful after a fire in your property.

Several Ways To Secure Your Property After A Fire

A primary concern with commercial property is security. A fire in your commercial building in Hardin Valley, TN, most likely will result in a period of time when conventional security measures are ineffective. Fire damage can include broken windows and busted doors, leaving your building vulnerable to vandalism and looting. There are several ways you can secure your property after a fire.


Sometimes, all potential troublemakers need as a deterrent is the knowledge that they are being watched. There are a few ways to communicate that your property is under surveillance:

  • Cameras
  • Security lights
  • Professional guards

Hiring guards can be expensive, and you may have to hire more than one to secure the entire property. Cameras and lights are only effective if the trespassers notice them and are concerned about getting caught. While surveillance footage can be helpful after the fact, you probably need to employ other means to further secure your property.


A security fence provides a clear barrier around your building. It takes a little more effort to get past a fence than it does to just walk up to a building that it left unguarded. A fence can also prove to your insurance company that you are doing what you can to limit problems to actual fire damage.


Broken windows and doors leave a gaping hole through which those with ill intent can enter. The easiest way to secure your property during the fire cleanup process is by boarding up doors and windows. Many mitigation professionals will often board up your property for you as part of the emergency services they provide when they first arrive.

Security is important during cleanup. Knowing you have done everything you can to secure your building, from surveillance to putting up actual barriers, can give you some peace of mind while you are waiting for the fire damage to be repaired.

Do You Know What's in Your Water?

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

water on the floor No matter what happens SERVPRO of West Knoxville is ready to serve you!

Water Categories

Did you know that the water, either coming into your home due to a pipe burst or a leak, has what we call a “category”? When it comes to handling mitigation in your home it is better to allow the professionals at SERVPRO of West Knoxville to deal with the emergency because you have to treat the water correctly to be safe. You never know what is either in your water or what the water has passed through to create contamination.

SERVPRO of West Knoxville wants you to have a better understanding of the categories of water and the information below explains the main types of water damage and could help you identify the problem quickly if it ever happens to you.

Category One: Clear Water

This water is the cleanest, most non-toxic form of water damage. It is potable water, perhaps directly from the tap. It is unlikely to cause you any harm, even if you are exposed for some time. Nevertheless, even clean flooding can lead to electrical and structural faults, so it is safer for you to call in the experts for repairs. Clean water comes from things like a broken water supply line, tub or sinks overflowing with no contaminants, appliance malfunctions involving water-supply lines to name a few. However, once clean water leaves the exit point, it might not remain clean after contacting other surfaces or materials. Although it is considered the "safest" of the categories, it can degrade to category 2 or 3 if left untreated.

Category Two: Gray Water 

Gray water damage is a little bit more serious and requires a speedier removal process. This is because it may contain potentially unsafe levels of chemicals, microorganisms, or dirt. Examples of Cat 2 water include, but are not limited to: overflow from dishwashers or washing machines; overflows from toilet bowls with urine; seepage due to hydrostatic pressure and broken aquariums.

If left untreated, it can quickly degrade into category 3.

Category Three: Black Water

Cat 3 water is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic or other harmful agents. Cat 3 water can include, but is not limited to: sewage; toilet backflows from beyond the trap; flooding from seawater, rivers or streams, ground surface water, or other contaminated water entering the indoor environment.

When Shouldn't You Use Drain Cleaner?

7/25/2022 (Permalink)

Plastic Pipes Plastic Pipes

When Should You Avoid Using Drain Cleaner?

You may be tempted to treat a clogged drain with store-bought drain cleaner in Rocky Hill, TN. However, you should be careful about when and how you apply this potent chemical liquid. There are certain situations in which drain cleaner should never be used, in order to prevent more damage from occurring.

Plastic Pipes

The chemicals in drain cleaner react together to transfer electrons to and from organic substances, causing them to break down. This process also produces heat- that's how they force their way down further into the pipe. These two factors mean that they can warp and eat through piping made of pliable materials, like plastic. The three types of cleaners you should stay away from if you do have plastic pipes are:

  • Sulfiric or muriatic acid cleaners
  • Lye or caustic potash cleaners
  • Bleach, peroxide or nitrate cleaners

Total Blockage

Often, drain cleaners won't be able to clear a clogged drain if there is a solid mass of hair, oil and debris completely blocking the flow of air and liquid. So, if they are used in these situations, the cleaner ends up sitting there above the block. Given enough time, the strong chemicals can deal out some real damage to your pipes, even if they aren't plastic or old.

Old Pipes

Old pipes will have a lot of the same problems as plastic pipes because they are brittle and delicate. If you discover that your pipes are old or rusting, you are probably better off replacing your plumbing rather than going through sewage cleaning. New pipes are the best way to ensure that one doesn't burst and you have water damage remediation to deal with instead of a blockage.
Most people don't even know there are other options for dealing with a clogged drain. Instead of chemical cleaner, you can try biological options, like a drain snake. Ask your local hardware store for more guidance.

How to Prepare for a Severe Storm

7/20/2022 (Permalink)

Flashlight, portable radio, batteries, water bottles and a first aid kit Emergency kit supplies

Tips To Prepare For An Emergency

If you are expecting a severe storm in Farragut, TN, it is important to take measures to protect both your home and your family from flood water. Use the following tips to prepare for an emergency.

1. Move Important Items

If there is a lot of rain, you could end up with a flooded building. If this happens, any items located on the bottom floor or basement of your home could be affected. If you live in a house with multiple stories, you might want to move important items to an upper level. If you have a waterproof safe, use it to store smaller items and paper documents.

2. Inspect the House for Damage

The water damage that your house suffers during a storm might be worse if there is already existing damage. Check your home for any leaks or cracks in the walls and roof. Check that all of the doors and windows are sealing properly to keep out moisture. These problems can contribute to the growth of mold after a storm.

3. Make an Emergency Kit

Creating an emergency kit for use during a storm is a great idea and can be extremely helpful, particularly if there is a power outage. Always include flashlights and working batteries. You might also want to invest in a battery-operated radio to keep track of the news and weather. Make sure that you have plenty of bottled water and packaged food that does not require heating.

4. Relocate if Necessary

In some cases, the storm may be so severe that you need to find a safer location. If you are concerned about flood water in your home, or if there has been an evacuation notice, find somewhere else to stay as soon as possible. While you are doing so, make sure to drive only in safe locations and avoid anywhere that has been flooded.
Keep these tips in mind and do what you need to in order to stay safe during a storm. If flood water enters your home, a clean-up and restoration company can help return it to its previous condition.

3 Steps to Recover from a Flooded Basement

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

two air movers placed in a basement Drying flooded area in a basement in Bearden, TN.

Three Steps to Get Rid of a Flooded Basement

When you arrive at your Bearden, TN, property and discover a basement flood, immediate action increases the chances of minimizing the loss. After calling your insurance provider to file a claim for insurance coverage, the next call should be to a water damage restoration company. As you wait for help to arrive, take the following steps to minimize the loss.

1. Start Extracting the Water
The most important step is to start removing the water. The longer it sits, the increased odds of secondary damage, such as mold. Different methods may be used to start this process, such as using a wet-dry vacuum and mops, but it may be worth investing in renting an industrial-grade pump to speed up the process.

2. Dry Flooded Area
Basements are often damp places to begin with, which means it is an area of your property prone to mold growth. When you have a basement flood, a standard fan likely won’t do much. Along with using industrial fans and blowers, dehumidifiers should be used to extract water molecules from the air to prevent mold growth.

3. Remove Waterlogged Items
A key to the basement properly drying is removing any items that are waterlogged. In some cases, this may require removing carpeting and furniture. Any items that are removed should be taken to a safe, dry location to properly dry out. While not everything may be salvageable, a restoration company may be able to clean and restore more of your belongings than originally thought, such as documents, artwork and electronics.
A basement flood should never be ignored. As the water sits, it means the potential for secondary damage. After making the necessary calls to get the property back to “Like it never even happened,” the three steps above give you a headstart to recovering as fast as possible.

3 Ways To Get Help For Uninsured Flood Damage

6/18/2022 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form on a table with a book. As the risk of flooding continues to rise, more individuals are purchasing flood insurance for peace of mind.

Uninsured Flood Damage: 3 Options for Assistance

An inch of water has the potential to create $25,000 worth of damage to a home. That makes it no surprise that homeowners with mortgages who live on a flood plain in Knoxville, TN, are required to have flood insurance. If your uninsured home sustains flooding damage, you may feel helpless to cover the costs of water damage cleanup and restoration work. Luckily, if the event has been deemed a federal disaster, there is help available.

1. FEMA Grants
These grants provide households an initial $36,000 to help cover some of the costs associated with repairs, construction and temporary housing, as well as other disaster-related issues. This may include replacing damaged belongings and medical care assistance. These grants typically last up to 18 months and do not need to be paid back. Although it may not provide what flood insurance would, the program has kept many homeowners afloat.

2. SBA Disaster Loans
Even if you aren’t a business, the SBA may be able to help. These are designed specifically for uninsured residences that have sustained damage. Loan amounts available included up to $200,000 to replace or repair the home or refinance the mortgage. You can also obtain up to $40,000 to cover replacement costs of your belongings. These loans typically have 30-year terms and low-interest rates.

3. Other Government Services
Along with federal aid, many states, counties and local governments offer relief services. While they may not cover repair costs, they may be able to help with food during recovery, unemployment benefits and assist with applying for federal aid. Most cities and states have a website available that includes a resources page.
With flooding risks continuing to rise, many more people are getting flood insurance for peace of mind. If the unexpected happens before you can get a policy, there is help out there to help you through the chaos.

How a Fast Response to a Disaster Benefits Everyone

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Green trailer on the road SERVPRO storm response team

How a Fast Response to a Disaster Benefits Everyone

If your business in Deane Hill, TN, experiences a weather disaster, you want a storm restoration company that can arrive on the scene in just a few hours. This will minimize damage, result in a faster cleanup and mitigate the impacts of a business interruption.
If you are an insurance provider, you know a fast response limits your company's exposure to exorbitant claims. Also, when working with a SERVPRO franchise, you can rely on a proven process that provides you with clear and complete documentation of damages and services. This allows you to better serve your clients during difficult times.

A Hallmark of Effective Storm Response
Waiting for days to begin the cleanup and restoration process after a damaging storm is not an option. This will only lead to increased damages and higher costs. An immediate response is made up of several essential factors:

The arrival at the property in less than two hours
The presence of highly-trained technicians
The availability of advanced equipment for cleanup
The reliance on a proven plan for remediation
The commitment to restore the property to its original condition

Storm restoration is a complex process that hinges upon many factors. Working with a company that is the leader in the cleanup and restoration industry offers the best chance of success.

A Plan for Satisfaction
Whether your business is dealing with wind or flood damage, a comprehensive cleanup is just as important as the initial response. While each situation is unique, this could entail removing all excess moisture from the facility to prevent future mold growth, and it might include the restoration of damaged structures. The end goal is to make your building look "Like it never even happened."
Successful and efficient storm restoration begins with a fast response and takes into account insurance considerations. It then continues to a comprehensive cleanup that allows your business to resume operations again.

Can You Clean Smoke-Damaged Electronics?

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

Keyboard of a computer on flames Computers can suffer from smoke damage.

The aftermath of a fire at your Northshore Town Center, TN, home can feel overwhelming. Many of your belongings may have suffered untold damage, including your valuable electronics. Fire cleanup efforts for these items are usually different from other belongings because of their delicate components, but there are several ways a professional restoration service may be able to help.

The Effects of Smoke on Electronics

Computers, televisions, tablets and even cell phones can suffer from smoke damage, even if they were not outwardly affected by the heat from a fire. There may be problems you cannot see, including:

  • Wiring and insulation damage caused by soot
  • Corrosion of internal components
  • The possibility of a short circuit from magnetic charge

These unseen problems may pose a danger to you or other users, so having the electronic items examined by a fire cleanup and restoration service may help you salvage them properly.

The Cleanup Process
The first step your restoration technicians may take is to gauge the amount of visible damage and manage that first. For example, if your laptop has visible soot on the keyboard and screen, your techs will probably use commercial-grade cleansers to clear it away. Allowing your techs to examine your electronics and perform fire cleanup on them may prevent the items from shorting out and rendering them useless.

Listing the Damage
Most electronics carry significant value, so you may want to keep a running list of which can be salvaged by your restoration service and which cannot so you can enter a claim to recoup your losses. Remember to include a copy of the sales receipt for each item and a photo so your insurance company can compensate you properly.
When your Northshore Town Center, TN, home suffers fire damage, your electronics may need different fire cleanup techniques than your other belongings. Having them examined and cleaned by a restoration service can give you peace of mind when it comes to caring for these valuable items.